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Removing McAfee – Putting McAfee Uninstaller to use.

This article is written to help remove McAfee from the computer. Even after giving an uninstall command to remove it entirely from the PC, McAfee will store some of its files in the file system, as these are just marketing strategies to keep their software in client’s computer for them to change their minds, so McAfee has also given a product removal tool, with the help of this product removal tool, McAfee can entirely be removed from the Computer.

There are some steps that will help remove it

1. Download McAfee Uninstaller –

Download Now

Note:  Always ensure that the latest version of the software is being downloaded, as any older version of the tool will not completely guarantee the removal of the software from the PC, anyhow even the latest software can only help remove most of the files and not 100% of the files, as they might leave behind some configuration files or initialization files in the file system.

2. Installing the McAfee Removal Tool –

After downloading the McAfee uninstaller tool, make sure all other applications are closed and save the work before doing so.

  • Double click the MCPR.exe file, most of the PC’s will open the file up immediately, while in some PC’s there may be a security warning from Windows Smart Screen, in the prompt allow the app to run on the PC by clicking on Yes.
  • After application loads it will show that it will delete all McAfee related files and at the end of the process there will be a need for restarting the PC.
  • So, press next and it will show an EULA (End User Licence Agreement) form, which will specify a notice to all the users, in which the agree radio button should be clicked and then again press next.
  • One more step will popup which will ask for a validation which will be case sensitive. It will be more or like a captcha sort of thing, so after completing the captcha there will be a need to click next again.

3. McAfee Removal Process

After the last step, this will automatically remove files and show another screen, in this screen there might get two possible messages, one will be “Removal Complete” and the other may be “Clean-up Unsuccessful”.
If the message received is “Removal complete”, then the software can be quit and a restart may be done to ensure the removal.

  • If the message is “Clean-up unsuccessful”, then the system can be rebooted and the above can be tried again, if all else fails the folder can be manually deleted from the system with an administrator’s password, the location of the folder will most commonly lie under “C:\Program Files\McAfee” or under “C:\Program Files (x86) \McAfee”.

Note: Beware while removing the folder, there is a possibility that some of the files like the short-cut of the software and its registry files might still be lurking behind, there is another solution, that is not a preferred one but might help, a backup of the computer may be taken and installing a new copy of windows might help remove any other potentially harmful software along with McAfee.

Bottom Line

All these above steps help in uninstall the McAfee software, there’s also a virtual assistant mentioned on McAfee’s site which is said to be a browser-based tool to help guide the users with running MCPR on their system. Alternatively a system restore can be done so that most of the files remain intact, make sure to create a restore point when things are going good in the PC, this might help later.

If you are finding any difficulty while removing McAfee let us know, we will assist you for the same.

Disclaimer: “If you are looking for specific support by Mcafee then you can call them directly 888-847-8766 as they also provide the similar services for free. We offer third party services even to the Mcafee product holders who have been refused by the company on the basis of lack of any information including logo, trademark or brand name as all of them are used only for referential purpose.”