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McAfee Not Working  After updating Windows 10

“I am an IT admin in a software company. Yesterday I rebooted a system after updating Windows 10. A blue screen appears after it in the PC, we tried to figure out the issue & somehow managed to find in safe mode, that the issue is related to McAffee. After doing some research I got to know that generally, McAfee creates the problem in Windows 10. I just wanted to know if the issue arose due to updating Windows 10 or is there any other reason behind it”
Have the same query? Well in this article we are going to discuss the Update issues which sometimes arise in:
  • Windows 7 normally.
  • After updating Windows 7
  • Windows 10 normally or
  • After updating Windows 10

Due to this following issues the user has to face with their PC:

  • System with Bluescreen
  • System screen got frozen
  • McAfee does not open
  • While McAfee the system gets hanged.
  • McAfee white screen

Pre-Requisites Before fixing the issue “McAfee not Working”:

  • Check if your system has updated drivers
  • Make sure there is no other Antivirus or security software installed on your computer

Probable Reasons for the issue: “McAfee not working”

  • There might be a driver which might be clashing with the McAfee antivirus.
  •  Check the compatibility issue. According to system specification check if your system is fulfilling both software & hardware requirements.

Similar Scenarios

You may have faced this issue in Window7, Window 8, 8.1 as well. In safe mode also you might have encountered the same issues. For an instance white screen of McAfee without any interface or an error message.

Solutions to Fix “McAfee antivirus not working” issue

#1 Using RUN Command

  • In your Windows machine, click Start button and then find Run option and type “services.msc” and press the Enter button

Note: Please do not add inverted commas while typing in Run window
#2 By enabling all services

  • If all the services of McAfee antivirus are not enabled already then proceed for enabling all the service option. All the McAfee Antivirus services must be activated and working.
  •  Also, modify the startup method to automatic in the service window.
  •  Move to the Recovery tab, select Restart the service option and press Ok button.

It is recommended to connect with McAfee antivirus support before proceeding for any changes. Now restart your computer & check if the McAfee antivirus is working normally or not.

#3 Reinstall McAfee setup
It is also a recommended solution to reinstall the McAfee to fix the issue. First, uninstall McAfee with McAfee Removal tool & then reinstall it


Still facing Issues? So it is best to talk to expert of McAfee with your detailed bug report. The team will help you for sure to resolve the issue: “McAfee not opening” or “McAfee not working”

Disclaimer: “If you are looking for specific support by Mcafee to resolve all Mcafee not working issues then you can call them directly 888-847-8766 as they also provide the similar services for free. We offer third party services even to the Mcafee product holders who have been refused by the company on the basis of lack of any information including logo, trademark or brand name as all of them are used only for referential purpose.”