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Error: Service ‘Apple Mobile Device’ failed to start


Please follow the steps to uninstall and install I-tunes on your computer system, the same procedure follows the error resolution for Install i-Tunes.

STEP 1: Use the Control Panel to uninstall i-Tunes and related software components in the following order and then restart your computer:

  • i-Tunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour/li>
  • Apple Application Support (i-Tunes 9 or later)

Important: Uninstalling these components in a different order, or only uninstalling some of these components may have unintended affects.


    • Quit the following programs if they are running:

1 i-Tunes

2 Apple Software Update

  • For Windows 8: Click File Explorer > Settings > Control Panel
  • For Windows Vista or Windows 7: From the Start menu, click Control Panel.
  • In Control Panel, click the “Uninstall a program” link as shown below. The Programs and Features Control Panel opens.
  • Select all the Apple programs (i-Tunes, instance of i-Tunes, iPod Updater applications, all instances of Apple Software Update, all instances of Apple Mobile Device Support, all instances of Bonjour, all instances of Apple Application Support) from the list of currently installed programs.
  • Uninstall then one by one.
  • Restart your computer


STEP 3: Verify i-Tunes and related components are completely uninstalled.
After uninstalling above programs, you should confirm that the following files and folders have been removed. If any are left behind, remove them now:

      • C:\Program Files\Bonjour
      • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\
      • C:\Program Files\i-Tunes\
      • C:\Program Files\iPod\

If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you’ll need to confirm that the following folders have been removed:

      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Bonjour
      • :\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\
      • :\Program Files (x86)\i-Tunes\
      • :\Program Files (x86)\iPod\

STEP 4: Reinstall i-Tunes and related components.

After verifying that i-Tunes is completely uninstalled, restart your computer.
Download and install i-Tunes using this link: I-tunes Download

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