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As per the latest release by Homeland Securities Internet Explorer has a serious Security Flaw.

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On Monday, the United States Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory to Americans about a serious security flaw affecting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, urging IE users to use another Web browser until the bug is fixed.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) said on Monday the vulnerability affects IE versions 6 through 11 and could lead to the complete compromise of an affected system.

In a similar alert, the United Kingdom National Computer Emergency Response Team issued an advisory to British computer users as well.

Reuters reports that the bug is the first high-profile computer threat to emerge since Microsoft stopped providing updates for Windows XP earlier in April. Therefore, computers running the 13-year-old operating system will remain unprotected, even after Microsoft releases updates to defend against it.

The malicious virus enters via corrupted Adobe Flash file to attack the victim’s computer. IE users, according to cyber security experts can avoid it by turning off Adobe Flash.

Monday morning’s CERT alert advises IE browser users to consider using an alternative browser until Microsoft issues a patch.

This issue allows access code execution if users visit a malicious website with an affected browser. This would typically occur by an attacker convincing someone to click a link in an email or instant message.

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