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The use of laptops, computers printers and scanners is growing day by day, from personal use to office use these computers and peripherals are being used every day. So, they also need good care to run effectively and we here at Risezone solutions provide comprehensive solutions and Dell Tech Support, because there are a lot of chances that while working on the peripherals you might face troubles or issues that you cannot resolve yourself. So in that case you need a technician or an expert to get your issues resolved. So call us at our Dell Tech support toll free 1-888-413-7060

Issues you might face with the printers or scanners are –

  • Laptops and Computer issues
  • Windows re-installation
  • Slow PC or driver problems
  • Unable to configure
  • Peripheral not working
  • Printing process is too slow
  • Scanning issues

These issues may occur due to incomplete installation of drivers, printer driver’s updating error or may occur due to paper jam and other computer issues. And some issues occur due to conflicting software which is installed on the computer mistakenly, these conflictions must be removed from the computer because they lead to internal application damage of the computer. Our Dell Tech support will take care of every issue or error and will resolve it accordingly.

Dell Tech support, call toll free 1-888-413-7060

First we need to diagnose the issue to identify if error related with hardware or software. In case I you face printer software issue we can check driver, printer related services and security firewalls. To fix any software related check print spooler services, dependency services. Try to add a new printer driver. If problem still same then uninstall the older version and install the latest version of the driver from manufactures.

Our Dell Tech support technicians are able to diagnose the issues and can fix any issue on regarding to your printer, laptop or computer over the call.

Dell printer support, we provide –

  • Installation and setting up DELL printer/scanner
  • Fixing software related issues
  • Installing new drivers
  • Fixing compatibility issues
  • Customized settings
  • Securing your peripheral devices
  • We provide support over the call. A representative will diagnose the issues and then he will fix it accordingly.